Poolside with Slim Aarons

Theres nothing better on a rainy grey day, than escaping into the world of Slim Aarons. The Getty Gallery in central London is currently showing a great exhibition of his work.
I was first introduced to Slim Aarons a couple of years ago in an Air BnB apartment in the south of France, staring at a huge photograph of a bronzed beauty poolside as the rain lashed the windows… and his work has never left me since. You’ll recognise his references in contemporary fashion and advertising images, yet his work spans six decades. The American society photographer turned his back on the grit and grime of the post war era, and focused on decadence and beauty, he documented his subjects around the pools of their stunning villas and Hollywood Hills homes, allowing us into stunning portrayals of the good life. Beautiful backdrops of architecture with a foreground of pool-party goers captured mid gossip. Two great videos on loop make you want to book a flight straight to LA and dive bomb a pool. A brilliant little gallery, perfect for a wiz around if you’re near Oxford Circus.
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– 10.6 MB

FREE. Until 7th May. Getty Images Gallery . 46 Eascastle St, Oxford Circus, London.